About Me

Growing up my parents were great cooks and they still are. Because of this I didn’t really have a reason to cook. There was always delicious food waiting for me. I did attempt a couple of forays into baking. Once, I made a cake that most likely made everyone sick (or perhaps there was a stomach virus going around) and my other attempt at baking involved making a key lime pie with lime juice instead of key lime juice…they aren’t the same thing.
So, I pretty much entered adulthood with no discernible cooking skills. In college I lived off a healthy diet of foods that came from a box or a bag. After college I moved back home and was showered with real, home cooked food again.

When my husband and I started dating we ate out a lot and we both had approximately 1 dish each we could make. We were spending hundreds each month on eating out and decided we had to make a change, we were going to learn how to cook. The first meal I made was BBQ chicken, steamed broccoli and chicken rice (from a bag). I had to call my mom several times to figure out what kind of chicken to buy (tenderloins). I’m pretty sure she got several more calls while I was cooking and 2 hours later we finally had dinner. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with my first cooking attempt.

From there I started searching for new recipes to make as well as throwing in some of my families recipes. I was SUPER overwhelmed when I started looking for recipes because there are so many. I also didn’t want to waste my time trying to cook something only to discover that I didn’t like it. Most things that I started with were pretty simple. As my confidence grew I was more willing to branch out and try new things.

Over the years I have fallen in love with cooking. Cooking is how I show my love. I enjoy making dinner for my family and friends. I want to see everyone coming back for seconds and thirds, it really does make me happy. As my love for cooking grew and it became a skill I was proud of, I wanted to share it with more people. I want to make cooking more accessible with tried and tested recipes, step by step guides, and tips and tricks to speed things along in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy this site!

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